Coda Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Time is one’s single most valuable possession”

We believe time is one’s single most valuable possession and it is this very belief that forms Coda’s foundation. All else – even the most expensive product or money itself – is a mere commodity. We set out on a mission to embody the value of time in a gift, to help people remember that seconds shouldn’t be regarded as numbers, but as moments.

Worth seems to be temporary in today’s society.”

Modern day products are not made like they used to be made as they are mass produced and not meant to last. A smartwatch will never have real value because it won’t stand the test of time. In order to find earnest value in a product it has to be personal and long lasting.

A good watch will become an heirloom and even though it wears down and gets scratched after decades of usage it will only increase in value. Every scratch represents a story and when moving through time the watch becomes the embodiment of relationships.

Giving is beautiful. Time given is the greatest gift of all.”

Coda watches are a timeless gift that will stand the test of time and embody your relationship. If time is the most valuable possession one can have, then it is the greatest gift of all. We want to create something that in 40 years from now is still treasured and worn. No. We want to create something that in 100 years from now is still valued by the next generation of owners. We search to create earnest value. Something that can’t be expressed in numbers but through stories, memories, time.

Coda – Time Worth Giving