Time Worth Giving

The search for a gift that becomes an heirloom.

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Coda X&Y

Timepieces that are meant to last a lifetime with the warranty of a lifetime. A Coda watch is a modern and elegant watch that is tailored to carry a personal message. It is an embodiment of a relationship, a reminder of the value of time.

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Coda X&Y

Lifetime Warranty

We aim to create a watch that lasts a lifetime. Coda watches are an embodiment of a relationship and because of this they should at the very least last a lifetime.



Time is one’s single most valuable possession and it is this very thought that forms Coda’s foundation. We believe that every second counts as a moment, not as a number. Enjoy the beauty of the moment and appreciate the value of time.


In order to find earnest value in a product it has to be long lasting. A good watch will become an heirloom and even though it wears down and gets scratched after decades of usage it will only increase in value. Every scratch represents a story and when moving through time the watch becomes the embodiment of relationships.


Time is one’s most valuable possession and therefore it is the greatest gift that one share with another. Coda watches are a timeless gift that will stand the test of time and embody your relationship. The most valuable gift is time together.

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